IR Controlled RGB LED




This will allow full RGB control of an RGB LED (aprox. 1.6 million colours). This is merely a proof of concept; real applications might be to connect and RGB LED srtip for lighting your room or your PC.

Parts list:

  • Arduino UNO Rev3
  • RGB LED (or RGB LED strip / other RGB display)
  • IR remote & receiver
  • 3 220R resistors
  • Prototyping board (I used a prototyping shield as well)
  • 6 jumper cables

Here I use the bottom two rows of digits on my remote (4-9) to control the intensity of each colour.

Step 1: Wiring

You may need to play around with the pins used. I had to change mine until I found some that work. I think there is a bug with the IR library I used; I will need to experiment more with this.

Step 2: Code

First, you will need to install the IR library:

Find the code here:

You may need to change the codes depending on your remote.

#include <./IRremote.h>
int pinR = 9; int pinG = 6; int pinB = 5; int pinSignal = 11;

IRrecv irrecv(pinSignal); decode_results results;

long codes[6]= { 0xFD28D7, //4 0xFD18E7, //7 0xFDA857, //5 0xFD9867, //8 0xFD6897, //6 0xFD58A7 //9 }; int valR = 0; int valG = 0; int valB = 0;

void setup(){ Serial.begin(9600); irrecv.enableIRIn();

pinMode(pinR, OUTPUT); pinMode(pinG, OUTPUT); pinMode(pinB, OUTPUT);


void loop(){ if(irrecv.decode(&results)){ if(results.value == codes[0] && valR < 255){ valR++; }

else if(results.value == codes[1] && valR > 0){ valR--; }

else if(results.value == codes[2] && valG < 255){ valG++; }

else if(results.value == codes[3] && valG > 0){ valG--; }

else if(results.value == codes[4] && valB < 255){ valB++; }

else if(results.value == codes[5] && valB > 0){ valB--; } display(valR, valG, valB); Serial.print("Red: "); Serial.println(valR); Serial.print("Green: "); Serial.println(valG); Serial.print("Blue: "); Serial.println(valB); Serial.println(""); irrecv.resume(); } }

void display(int red, int green, int blue){ analogWrite(pinR, constrain(red, 0, 255)); analogWrite(pinG, constrain(green, 0, 255)); analogWrite(pinB, constrain(blue, 0, 255)); }

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    9 months ago

    Ik gebruik een common anode rgb led, wat moet ik aan het programma veranderen?

    Mijn arduino is een arduino Nano, zou dit mijn probleem zijn, ik zie de kleuren niet veranderen

    Can you help me please

    Kind regards


    It is impossible for me to help you without more information. Double check your wiring. Make sure everything compiled correctly.


    2 years ago

    i get an error. exit status 1

    error compiling for board

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you. If you liked it, please vote for me in the "Arduino all the things" contest.