IR LED Camera Night Vision Flash Light




Introduction: IR LED Camera Night Vision Flash Light

first order of buisness lets get all the materials you can use anythign for the body i simply used old vex parts that came with the plastic black holders and the hex nuts and bolts, i am salvaging the switch and batterie holder the wires and connectors already came with it, the other nut and bolt i believe to be 3/8 in but its universal for all cameras so you should be able to find one that fits yours, and some zip ties

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Step 1: Addding the LEDS to the Lego Pieces

first order of buisness lets solder the LEDs together lets get all the positive sides on one side and the negative the positive side will be the wider part with the small cone shape on top. well on the other i added solder to a pice of wire and then soldered the wire on the the LED i did so for both sides and with all the way across on all 6 LEDs. Simply repeat this step to get your second strip. the LEDs shouldnt come out but for that simply add hot glue on the the back and they should stay in place the white conector was already one the white batterrie holder so i juset used it but if yours doesnt have any simply do it directly to the batterie holder (wires go from the LEDs to the batterie holder and switch)

Step 2: Batterries Case

this batt holder holds 3 AA batteries more than enought to powe 6 IR LEDs so the batt holder im salvagins was already made but ill explain simply solder the black (negative -) to the spring side at the end or front depending on how you want it . the red (positive +) goes to your switch some switches come with 2 or three terminals the middles sometimes is neutral and the sides is were you turn it on this one has three but only 2 are functional so you solder the red on the middle and a resister from the back part of the batt holder were the nipple is to the other side of the switch .

Step 3: Securing the Batts

simply zip tie the batteries to the frame and concect if apliable to the LEDs and also zip ties the Lego LEDs to the frame as well. so the frame wont split apart i used the two black pieces to hold them together and bolted them to the frame. depending on were you want your camera places attache the bold in this washer configeration small, big, frame, big, small bolt simple as handycam is in the repair shop some software malfunctions happend so i cant show you how it works and well dslrs dont pick up any IR lights but it should show up as a green light when you have your cam in night vision and something similar to this would be like if you point a remote control with an led at the tip you would see the IR light thanks for reading if you have trubles comment your iussues and ill try to help  it looks all ugly now but its a prototype i am working on molding some plastic and motherboards to mount the LED and i want to see if i can market this product and also do somthing to the LED that i cant say it might be patentable jeje


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    8 years ago on Step 3

    This looks awesome. All lit up, it looks like a LEGO IR emitter.


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    thankyou and pretty much you can make that too with it