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Introduction: IR Remote Controlled Power Outlet(Single Channel)

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Controlling the things with the remote is a great opportunity to make it yourself.

I had bring the simple circuit which uses few components and gives you ability to control the electrical appliance with using tv remote or any IR remote.

In this instructable i am showing you how to make it.

NOTE:-This project deals with the 230v Mains AC power supply,so please handle with all safety precautions.

Lets start making it, as under follows the steps to make it:-

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Step 1: Material Needed

Hi friends,

this time i am making the IR remote controlled smart power outlet which is on only one channel(can control one thing a a time)

For this project you will need the following items:-

1.One cardboard or a strong box of medium size

2.One IR remote

3.Power output socket

4.IR Receiver(TSOP 1838 or TSOP1738)

5.Connecting wires

6.One Relay of 5v or 6v

7.One Signal diode (1N4148)

8.One Transistor (BC547)

9.One 3mm or 5mm led for indicator

10.Two 4.7K resistor of quater watt

11.One 1K resistor

12.One ic CD4017

13.One 10uf capacitor

14.One BC557 transistor

15. One 100K resistor

16.One 100 ohm resistor

17.Soldering wire and Soldering iron

Step 2: Making the Circuit

As shown in the image the circuit is made.

Some of the images are also attach as it shows the outer appearance of the circuit.

as in the above images i have made my own power supply but one can fix the regulated power supply which is available in the market.

NOTE:- This circuit works only on the regulated 5v of DC supply, if the voltage goes up then the circuit will not work, so 7805 ic (5v regulator ic) is must needed.

Step 3: Making the Casing and Finalizing the Project

After putting all circuits and the power supply in a box or a casing,it would look like something similar to the above images.

its time to power up and as on pressing any key on a IR remote at first time it would on the relay which put on the path of 230v AC to the power outlet and on pressing again the key of the IR remoter the relays goes off which disconnect the path of 230v AC to the power outlet.

This is how it works.

Step 4: Upgradation

This project has vast scope of upgradations as instead of power outlet one can fix any electrical appliance on depending of the power rating of the relay used in the circuit.

For the multichannel power switching system using IR remote, soon i will be posting new instructable on it.

IMPORTANT NOTE:- This project uses the 230v MAINS AC power, which is dangerous to the humans, so please be safe while making,operating and using it,handle with power safety precautions.

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