IR Stereo Nightvision

Introduction: IR Stereo Nightvision

This is possible hack to a car DVR unit to make a Stereo (simulated) night vision.

plan is

1) select a low cost car dvr with screen and camera

2)remove the IR filter

3) hack and remove lcd and put in a lightweight

slide viewer toy

so that both eyes can see the screen

4)hack and remove IR book light for nice little hinge

5) seperate the battery for weight reduction in the car dvr and mount DVR , slide viewer and hing

to a helmet

6)put a IR torch on solder to illuminate .

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Step 1:

A 16 USD car dvr is very suitable has a in built battery and USB charging

Hack remove the two items the LCD screen and the battery .

*preferably remove full LCD screen frame and buttons

* stick to just a Acrylic piece with smd LEDs to light it

get longer cables to attach it (tricky)

Take a helmet and try to attach the DVD main unit

* LCD goes into a slide viewer toy

Step 2: The Slide Viewer Screen Unit

The toy has to be trimmed(cut lower plastic) or lenses taken out and fitted in a lightweight plastic box.

Focus the lcd to have a comfortable view an fit in the other side where Slides used to come. Wire the lcd from main unit via some flex wire set

Step 3: Modify the Camera to Get IR and Others

Now remove the IR filter , there are many videos how to do that

Remove the battery and put in a diy battery pack

may be 1200mAH X3 pack via volt dropper circuit to pump 3.6V

or use a diode dropper in series 1n4007 X2 in series this will drop approx 1.2V from 4.5V

As the DVR current is low diodes wont heat up .

Step 4: Add a Cree IR Torch Solder Mountable

IR illuminator Clip glued to it will serve as good invisible light

Needs a 12V supply .

9V rechargeable with booster can be used

Thats it now start your hunting/spying missions

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    4 years ago

    it's possible to arrange each DVRs near the right and left temples. And the opened screens have to be situated right in front of each eye. Some DVRs allowes to rotate the image on the screens, so this will help to show the correct stereo view.