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Is there anything cooler , Stronger, baddest that Epic Game weapons?  When you choose the weapon that helps you in the Quest,It should be able to handle just about anything life throws your way.

If you are a fierce warrior that slash hordes of orcs and other evil armies, don´t you think that would be awesome if you really handle those ammo in your hands?
Well I´m the kind of gamer that really get in the role.Since I begin to play Epic Role Video Games I was wondering to have some weapons in my wall that remains in my family for Aeons.
That would be an awesome piece of decoration for your cave.
Need no more words, time to battle.!!

Warning and disclaimer. This is a display piece, not intended to be used as a weapon, I  bear no responsibility for any injuries sustained if the warning is ignored.Flails and many other "jointed" weapons (such as nunchaku) constitute prohibited weapons in Canada, and are illegal to possess without proper licensing.

I made this weapon to use only in self defense against ORCS, ZOMBIES, WEREFOLVES AND ANY EVIL CREATURES THAT INTEND TO HURT MYSELF AND MY BELOVED ONES.Its not made to killmyself or anybody else.Is just for fun and decorative puposes, so chill out and stop thinking those crazy things.

Step 1: Stuff & Making

Forged Manganese + Iron Ball.(2.5 kilograms)
Iron chain.40 cms.
Piece of wood.35 cms.
Arc welder.
Welding rods.
Clear Varnish.
The main part is the Iron ball. It's made of manganese and Iron and its from a Wet mill of a Cement plant.It weights 2.5 kilograms.
First I carved the wood handle. Then I made a C figure in iron and attached to the handle with an Iron rivet.Finnally I welded the 40 cms.chain to the Iron ball and paint in Black.

Step 2: Iron Mace Smash !!!.

Once is finished it´s time to have fun and smash some stuff.
Please comment, rate and Vote.

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    3 years ago

    Flexible weapons are infamous for causing injuries to the wielder's hand. To reduce the chances of such make sure the chain is short enough that the ball can't strike the hand on the grip; or conversely, long enough that the ball on the chain goes past the hand's grip on the staff.

    just a tip,
    you should attach the c figure to the handle so there isn't a gap and it's bolted to the top as well as the sides, just to make it more secure

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    lol, dont worry ima build it and shoot it out of my cannon at a wall. i still say its better than the high heel snow plows.... wth? really.....


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It seems that in this time I was not worthy of become a winner.I´ll keep on trying.Thanks for the comment.

    I used everyday and I don´t get sore fingers..why ?? Because I wear leather gloves and a helmet and Goggles. Thanks for ask.

    I've used a few western weapons in a sporting situation, and the "ball and chain", is pretty awful to use.

    If the chain is as long as the stick or longer the weapons can't be controlled, the weapon controls the wielder. You've probably found this out if you swing your toy and try to stop it following through. One handed it's a carnival ride :-D

    Lengthen the stick to a two handed pole, and you'll get a bit more control, and if you do this you will find that you can have a bit more fun too ;-)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job.. I'd suggest putting in a disclaimer that it is a display piece, not intended to be used as a weapon, and that you bear no responsibility for any injuries sustained if the warning is ignored.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yup !!! The waiting is killing me.But again I got the honor of being a finalist with you.BTW Piranha is just AWESOME !!!Good luck and that the Best Win.!!