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This is a tutorial on Modding the Iron Man 2 Iron Man Helmet to look like the War machine (IM2) or the Patriot (IM3)

Step 1: You Need:

an Iron Man 2 Helmet

Silver Spray Paint

Black Spray Paint

Masking Tape

Red Paint

A Paintbrush


Step 2: Starting Off.

start off by laying out your Newspaper on a table outside and holding it down with some heavy rocks or just duct tape it down.
unscrew the eyes of your helmet and putting all screws somewhere safe.
Begin by adding a layer of Silver Spray Paint, but don't use too much and spray from a distance. About 2 Feet away is good.
Just take your time with this step. make the silver look extravagant. And do not worry about the visor getting stuck, it doesn't.

Step 3: The Second Paint Job.

now your silver is dry.
War Machine: Masking tape up the faceplate (and the bottom of the faceplate on the chin) and spray the whole thing Jet Black, when it's dry, remove the Masking tape and you should have your own War Machine. For an Awesome Effect, add Red Window Tint to the eyes for that Evil look.

Step 4: Details and Finishing Up.

you can find decals and stickers online that are usable.
if you don't want to do that then you're done, you have your own War Machine.
i hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Step 5: The Patriot Into Further Detail.

the Patriot details are:
follow the lines of the top of the faceplate down towards the last two sliding pieces of the helmet but keep them silver
then make a thin red line around the edges of the faceplate.
keep the black cheek areas of the helmet silver.
use a royal navy blue metallic paint for the blue but add it in layers for a nice finish.
to do the red areas, i suggest marking out the areas. see the line under the main helmet lines, use that. i used the top lines as a method of marking my silver lines.

Step 6: The War Machine Into Further Detail

i hand painted the Black and Silver for a roughed up look, it also got that look from the amount of times i buggered up the paint.
Changing the LEDs in the Eyes:
you'd need to do this whole thing upside down, unscrew the screws near the back and open up the circuit board until you reach the two LEDs, once you've reached them, ut them off with wire cutters and solder two new Red LEDs in place, you'd then need to tint the Eye Lenses Red, i suggest Red Window Tint.

For Battle Damage, while the Black is still Wet and the Silver Layer is dry, take a scrunched up piece of newspaper and make scratches on the helmet in various plaes, i suggest small scratches on the Corners.

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    I would recommend buying the helmet, it is worth the money, as I have found pep to be way too intricate and hard -_-


    6 years ago

    How to make halmet

    Bwilson Props
    Bwilson Props

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    are you trolling?
    i buy the base of the helmet from the link within the tutorial :,)
    oh and btw, i've started on a Patriot Helmet.