IRON MAN PROJECT 3: War Machine/Patriot Repulsors

Introduction: IRON MAN PROJECT 3: War Machine/Patriot Repulsors

About: i am an aspiring prop maker and keen sci-fi fan. i found this site a few years back and i did not know i'd ever love it this much! i'm mostly into Assassin's Creed cosply and Star Wars Cosplay.

here's a mod to makethe mark 42 repulsor toy into a War Machine style or an Iron Patriot style.

You'll Need:
(all paints are enamel paints)
Black Paint (War Machine)
Silver Paint( War Machine and Patriot)
Metallic Blue Paint (Patriot)
A Paintbrush (prefably quite a few)
Iron Man 3 Repulsors X2
A Screwdriver (War Machine and Patriot)
A Soldering Iron ( War Machine)
Solder Wire (War Machine)
Black Dye (War Machine)
Silver dye (Patriot)
Red LEDs (War Machine)

Step 1: Starting Off With the Patriot

Now i'm Starting by the Patriot Mod
this won't take much to do and doesn't take long.
Gather your
Silver Paint as this will be a base colour for your Repulsor
Metallic Blue Paint as this is a secondary colour
2 Paintbrushes
Silver Dye as this will alter the colour of your repulsor band.
Start by Unboxing your Two Repulsors
Shake your Silver paint up before taking the lid off to get the mixture or just stir it with your Paintbrush (1)
Paint the entire thing Silver but take caution as to not get paint through the Speaker on it or on the Light.
Let that dry for a total of 24 HOURS.
Once that's dry, Paint the Other side Silver. When that's dry,  grab your second Paintbrush as you'll notice Paintbrush 1 has solidified. So take Paintbrush 2 and Paint the designated areas in Metallic Blue. Those areas are annotated on the photograph.
Let it Dry and Repeat this for the Second Patriot Repulsor.

Step 2: The War Machine Mod.

(WARNING: I've NEVER done this Mod, this works in Theory but i'm 100% sure in practicality matters, put a picture in the comments below of the finished Mod) Start this mod the same way, apart from this,
Unscrew the repulsor circle and you should come to a small Circuitboard.
find the light and cut off it's connectors, with the Red LED, place that over the last LED and Solder it into place, now the Strap has probably fallen out, I'd Dye that Black and leave it to dry overnight. when it's dry, put it back into place and screw everything back together. When that's done, Paint Everything Silver (Avoiding the two zones) and like we did on the Patriot, Areas will be left silver.
the Blue Areas on the Picture are where the silver will be left to show. The Straps will be Black and so will anything else apart from the Silver areas. Now to solve the Repulsor problem the red and blue create a purple light, Tint the Blue to Red.

Step 3: Part Three of 5 of the War Machine Completed, Part Three of 6 of the Patriot Completed.

Project 4: Find and Modify the War Machine Costume
Project 5: Repaint the War Machine Chaingun

Project 4: Find And Modify the Iron Patriot Costume
Project 5: Repaint the Iron Patriot Rocket Launcher
Project 6: Modify the ARC FX Gauntlets

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    6 years ago

    This doesn't show anything all your iron patriots are the same please add more detail thx

    Bwilson Props
    Bwilson Props

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    i realise i have been vague with this. i will work on it. oh and by the way, Best profile picture... EVER XD