IRON MAN PROJECT 5: WAR MACHINE FINALE (The Chaingun and Rocket Gauntlets).

Introduction: IRON MAN PROJECT 5: WAR MACHINE FINALE (The Chaingun and Rocket Gauntlets).

About: i am an aspiring prop maker and keen sci-fi fan. i found this site a few years back and i did not know i'd ever love it this much! i'm mostly into Assassin's Creed cosply and Star Wars Cosplay.

For The Finale of The War Machine Series, We're doing the last but most fun piece...
The Chaingun and Rocket Gauntlets.

You Need:
A War Machine Chaingun
War Machine Rocket Gauntlets
Grey Spray Paint
Black Spray Paint
Silver Spray Paint
A Bullet Belt (FAKE BULLETS)

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Step 1: The Chaingun

Start Off by Spray Painting the Whole Chaingun Gunmetal Grey and Leave it to dry overnight.
While you're waiting for it to dry, With the Bullet Belt and Cardboard, start casing the Bullets in a thin Cardboard Case, it needs to run from the Rear Cylinder to the back end of the Minigun hold.
The Photo Annotations will explain.
the casing should be held by black duct tape and it will double up as the colour of the case, so cover the case in Black Duct Tape.

Step 2: The Rocket Gauntlets

Now these Gauntlets are most likely Latext and will need Reinforcement.
Spray the underside with Plastidip and it will go Rock solid in 24 hours.
now if the Gauntlets have changed colour when it's dried, spray it all Gunmetal silver and Hand Paint the Black Areas such as
the missile heads and the pieces on the tubes and let them dry.

Step 3: Finale.

Put Everything Together.

I hope you've enjoyed the War Machine Series.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    can i use Matte Black and Silver instead and get almost similar result?