IRONMAN Hand...gloves.......doo-hicky (its Really Cool)

Introduction: IRONMAN Hand...gloves.......doo-hicky (its Really Cool)

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This is a quick tutorial for making one (if not 2) Iron man Hands for the costume. These are not finished (need to be hardened with glue/sealer and painted) I am doing this much the way I wanted to do my Iron man Helmet with the hot glue instead of tape and that is much more affective.

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Step 1: Whats Needed

you will need

  Chore Jersey Gloves (you can find them in the garden section, they are very cheap & work surprisingly well for costume making)
  Colorline 140lb paper (found at hobby lobby)
  Hot Glue Gun w/glue sticks
  exacto knife
  cutting surface
  work space
  pepakura file & viewer

The file and viewer are free (file is attached to my Iron man instructable). The pieces are cut out and hot glued together and onto the glove. Just be cautious with the amount of glue to use. The gloves, much like any other fabric, can absorb the hot glue extremely well and adhere to the paper with ease. Get the alignment and position right before gluing or you will find yourself cutting and having to buy new gloves. One glove took me about 5 hours.

When gluing, place a very small dab onto the finger, then slide the paper finger piece onto your finger and press slowly and lightly onto the fabric. It will get slightly warm, but remember slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Too much glue and your asking for a burnt finger and ruined project. Once the glue is dry in a matter of second, remove the glove and add glue to the gaps by using a pen or marker in place of your finger to fill out the finger on the glove. Be careful not to over glue as it will seep through and glue to the pen or run onto any surrounding fabric. Use small beads of glue and good judgment and be careful most of all. 

Step 2: Template for Final Hand/glove

As you can see in the video, being patience and fitting the pieces first will pay off in the long run as there is very little room for error when hot gluing heavy paper on elastic fabric. Be sure to be careful and pre-fit everything. The fingers worked well for not scaling in the printing process. The palm itself was just a little bit too small for me, though an extra strip on the outer side of the hand fixed that problem. There are also some minor gaps in the finger (middle and ring finger tips and lower outer side of the palm). I will hot glue the obvious to hand gaps and coat the paper much like I did my iron man helmet, then smooth it out and paint by hand. Although one could prep and paint all of the pieces first then hot glue them and add the palm repulsor.

For the repulsor I thought about maybe using the Repulsor Glove toy and doing some modding to it so the repulsor would be inside the glove and pierce through the palm and use the forearm toy as a weapon for a custom comic book style war machine costume (not the movie one).  I am wanting to do a war machine suit though have it differ from the Hammer Industries movie suit and basically be the mark2/mark3 but pained black and silver with a gatling type gun on the right shoulder and small rocket pods on the left shoulder. Thoughts, comments and ideas are welcome. Thanks for your guys time and have a good one.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice, 5*

    What I suggeset is using something like Lego or K'nex to make it a firearm (Or quite litterally, a handgun) operated by string on a finger; or a bar over all the fingers; that activates the weapon when you pull your hand up. Bye the way, if you do use this design, please put something like: I give credit to Endermanman7 for the shooting idea.

    I do actually have one that I have built. It's a prototype, and I'm actually wearing it now. If I figure out how to post instructibles, I will post a tutorial for it because it is really cool!


    Reply 2 years ago

    ha! a handgun! why the hell did I not think of that? clever! +100 points!