IRangeX IRX IR8M Flash DeviationTX Firmware and Customizing

Introduction: IRangeX IRX IR8M Flash DeviationTX Firmware and Customizing

In this instructable, I'll show you how I flash your IR8M to the latest version of DeviationTX. I'll also show how to change the startup (splash) screen, add model icons and model setups.

iRangeX iRX-IR8M 2.4G 8CH Multi-Protocol Transmitter

Step 1: Software & Firmware

To flash the firmware you'll need the Dfuse tool as well as the firmware. Download and install the dFuse tool. Extract the firmware file to your desktop.

Walkera DFuse USB upgrade tool

Firmware builds

Step 2: DFU Mode

To put your IR8M into flashing DFU mode, you need to hold down the EXT button while turning it on.

Step 3: STM32 DFU Drivers

When you connect your IR8M to your PC in DFU mode, it won't know what it is. You need to install the STM32 drivers. These drivers are copied to your computer when you installed the dFuse tool. Go to the Device manager and manually install the drivers and point it to the "C:Program Files (x86)\devention Upgrade Tools\Driver" folder.

Step 4: DFuse Flashing Tool

Run the dFuse tool and select the .DFU file and start the upgrade.

Step 5: USB Mode

Next you need to put it into USB mode and connect it to your PC so you can access the onboard storage and copy over the necessary files and folders in order for DeviationTX to work.

Hold down ENT while turning on your transmitter. Then plug it up to your PC using the provided miniUSB cable.

Step 6: DeviationTX Files and Folders

Delete the old files and folders that was on the storage or back them up incase you need files from it. Then copy the latest version from the extracted contents the firmware ZIP file.

Step 7: Splash Screen

While you have your IR8M connected you can also upload a custom startup screen aka splash screen. You can either make your own or download them from the DeviationTX forums. Search for "splash" in the forums. Just replace the "splash.bmp" file with the custom one in your /media folder.

Model icons & splash screens

Step 8: Model Icons

You can also add new model icons into the /modelico/ folder in the onboard storage. These are also available on the DeviationTX forums.

Model icons & splash screens

Step 9: Model Setups/configs

You can download and copy already setup model configs as well and load them onto your storage. Just rename the .ini to model#.ini (# being the slot #) and place it in the /models folder.

Step 10: Finish

On boot up you can check if it's running the latest version of DeviationTX. Check out my youtube video if you want to see the process in a video.

iRangeX iRX-IR8M 2.4G 8CH Multi-Protocol Transmitter

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    Question 2 years ago

    Hi, im Deviation page, forum iRangeX iRX-IR8M 2.4G 8CH Multi-Protocol stops postage in jan 8 2018 and I dont found Firmware builds for it in downloads. Do you know what to explain? tks