ISA Perfect Side Arm




Introduction: ISA Perfect Side Arm

Here is my pistol I've been building for the last week. I call the ISA Side arm. I haven't really made my own gun for a while, but now that i have a lot of experience building others gun i was able to make a gun that i think is perfect. It has a mag in the handle which works but not that great, but i made a mag add on for the front rail that works perfect. so here it is i will be posting it soon. enjoy. comment. rate.



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    thanks guys and knex person, the only part i copied is the trigger, and everyone uses this trigger or something very close.

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    cool. i just have one question, how easily can the trigger be pulled? and i think i am going to make it now.

    and youre pissing off a 13 year old with you hate my stock without a good reason other than it doesnt look real? pathetic.

    im pathetic because instead of building your own stock you chose to copy one that makes your gun look like trash

    no, it makes the gun look good, and i only modded the stock butt of of the jamalams. The rest of the stock is my idea The stock actually makes the gun look good, not bad. Just because it doesnt look like a real gun doesnt mean it looks like trash

    if somehow it made the gun look good i wouldn't be saying it looks bad. im really not the kind of person that goes around making fun of peoples stuff, but ive seen alot of people use that stock and i don't get why, there's plenty of better stocks out there, and also the stock isn't comfortable and it impairs your aiming.

    well, it just looks awesome, i use it because it feels comfy and dont forget it comes with an optional strap. The SR-v1 uses a larger and more filled-in version of this stock butt, but they are different...

    I dont see how it can impair my aim, It comes with a sight, and its more accurate than v1, If i get to making the instructional video (which is unlikely because my friend is busy, you would see how I shoot the gun......

    in short, i use it because it
    • looks awesome
    • is very comfy

    you on the other hand may not feel comfortable with the stock because you said you were 19, so you may be bigger than me.........

    It's very comfy, but looks...


    iKill is right, just take the time to make your own things. It may take longer, but it's worth it in the end.

    It technically is my stock, the butt is different than his at this point, the rest of my stock is my design, and i would love to make it better, but at the moment right now, my parts are tied up.............