Introduction: ISLAND OF RHODES WALK-THRU!!!! (god of War)

the secret but now not so secret that reveals secrets to god of war but so frustrating!!! ):O well now you can do it and get to the awesome secrets!!!

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Step 1: Rhodes Colossus

you have to spell "kratos" in the greek alphabet see pic for order

1. the K
2. the P looking thing
3. the a
4. the t
5. the o
6. the side ways M

Step 2: Slider

now there are some vids skip all the videos in the whole website
to solve this puzzle start at the top row and work down

Step 3: Roman Numerals

now there is a paige of text with some roman numerals at the bottom and a place to type stuff

i typed in athena and that worked but i think that if you translate the numerals to numbers and count the letters from the begging of the text each number counts out to the certain letter to spell out a word

Step 4:

Step 5: Chains of Olympus

this is just a teaser for the psp game...
click on the paragraph under the title

Step 6: Orbs Cheat

this is just a cheat for the game to get money i think

Step 7: AHHHHHHH!!!

yikes! these are the 3 sisters of fate that you kill
you have to click on the middle than right that middle than right again than left


Step 8: Walk Your Journey

you have to put the pics in the right order from start to finish they are from the first game and the 2nd game i never played the first game so i dont know whats what but i just accidentally did it

Step 9: Answer the Questions

you just have to answer the questions on this one

Step 10: Answer the Questions

Enter a longer description for this step

Step 11: All Done!!!!!!!!!

you did it!!!!

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    6 Discussions


    Question 10 months ago on Step 7

    do you have the whole picture?

    dark clerick
    dark clerick

    11 years ago on Introduction

    yeah cus i was kinda new when i posted this and i didnt know if they would delete this if i didnt


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Ive never seen this game before, i might try it :P i see your using Safari , on a mac or a PC??