ISSC MK22 Rimfire Rifle

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Hey guys! Here's my latest, the ISSC MK22 Rimfire Rifle. American says of the MK22: "For fans of the FN-SCAR battle rifle, the MK22 should look very familiar. Along with the FN-style stock and receiver outline, the MK22 has many of the same features as the rifle that inspired it. The receiver is an all-metal construction, with a Picatinny-style rail system on all receiver surfaces. This includes a barrel placement for attaching FN sights. The mussle of the precision match, 16-inch barrel is cut with a 1:28 thread to accept various muzzle breaks and flash hiders."

The original MK22 is a .22 lr. rifle, with a VERY pretty body. I really enjoyed working on, and creating this replica. I made it full size (well, that is not entirely true as the real one is 36 in. stock extended, and mine is exactly 37 in.) and has many of the same features. It has tactical rails, top, bottom, and sides, and features a great cheek rest, and a nice SCAR-L stock.

It is very customizable, and is a ton of fun to shoot. This gun was designed for civilians, but I added a grenade launcher for kicks...and besides, if somebody is gonna break into your house, a grenade launcher would be much more effective than a bullet...XD

Good range: 50 ft. for the gun, and 30 ft. for the grenade launcher
Has tactical rails
Looks almost exact
Sights are epic
Has true trigger
Looks a ton like a SCAR-L
Came entirely out of my head (and the picture of the real thing, of course)
Mag stays in position with out a lock
Cheek rest is epic
Nice n' Heavy
Shoots two types of rounds (gray connecters with a green rod at the end, and white rods)

This is a good rival to ANY gun on this sight, and is way to much fun to hold and to shoot. It's just awesome. Have fun admiring it...XD



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe you can make it so it cocks by pulling the stock thingy with the pink bendies? Pretty realistic :)

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