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I.E. Sling Crossbow version 1

I made this after wanting to go back to my ISR series, but I wanted to improve it and make the overall build much cleaner. I also wanted it to be more crossbow like, as I had seen the crossbow that is in BF3, and I thought it looked pretty awesome.

So I came up with the ISX, which I have made several improvements with over the ISR-S3. And, in my opinion, I think I have succeeded in my aim. The ISX has more power, more features, and just generally looks better.

I also wanted to make sure that it could shoot a variety of ammos, including those with red connectors on the front, which I think a lot of slingshots can't really do

This is a short weapon, coming in at 16.5 inches without the bipod, and 21.5 inches with the bipod. This is because this has used all my pieces, of which, as you can see, I don't have much. This means that some power is sacrificed, as the pull length of the bands is 9 inches long as a result. However, this can be easily fixed by simply making the front of the crossbow longer, and you can extend the stock aswell.

Anyway, onto the pros/cons:

Looks good
Great power, especially for its size
Flippable back sight
Removable/changeable front sight
Easy to use sights
Foldable, locking bipod
Very comfortable - has a much improved handle
Easy to load and shoot
Can use pretty much any ammo (not rods though)

Could be more powerful if it was longer
Sometimes doesn't fire accurately
Putting two bands on can cause the two yellow connectors on the bow to snap off
Stock isn't very long

Anyway, don't forget to favourite, comment and subscribe!

If you build this from the pictures, please do not aim this at animals, or people, without their permission.



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    Flip, I never commented? Whoops, looks like I didn't. Well, anywho...

    This looks great, and the profile icon of you gun is THE best picture take of any K'NEX gun all year. Great job, the gun looks boss!

    2 replies

    Let me know if you would like instructions!

    Thanks! I put up some pictures of looking down the sights and some general 'FPS' photos up. If you want I can put up some more photos from different/wider angles of the sights, or I could put up instructions so you can build it and see for yourself!

    And also, I would quite like to see the weapon you've got. It sounds interesting

    Nice! I would give it 4 to 4.5 stars if they still had the rating system. I like the pulley system for the rubber bands.

    1 reply

    The draw length is small because I have don't have many pieces and I would have liked to have made it at least double it's current length, and if I do an ISX-A2, I will make the crossbow with its ratchet further back. However saying that, it gets a decent amount of power, and I contribute this to the wheels on the bow, which I think allows an efficient contraction of the bands, as well as the fact that it doesn't have a barrel, which leads to no friction at all on the ammo.

    Nicely done! I like the bullpen design of the gun which really makes sense since your short on pieces but want a stock.

    1 reply

    Thanks! And the bullpup design was meant for piece conservation as you said, and on reflection, if I do an ISX-A2 I might make it even more bullpup-ier to get even more power for the same amount of pieces