I_am_Canadian's Heavy Cannon V5 Ammo Mods




The title says it all. Like many other builders of I_am_Canadian's knex cannon v5, I got bored of firing the same round over and over again and getting the same result. 45 seconds of loading and one dead pillow (I fire my cannon at pillow people). But that was not entertaining after about 20 shots. So I spent about an hour every day building and perfecting new rounds that were more accurate, powerful, faster, and easier to load in the gun. (this ible is mostly done and i will Finnish in a bit)

Also check out my attachments for the cannon


Step 1: Nuclear Rocket Round

the first new type of round i made. in short, it is just a normal round with more segments,
i love this round, when fired, you can really feel the recoil of the round. in picture 6, you can see the new round is almost 9in long.
Yay explosives!

Step 2: E2L Round

the E2L round or easy 2 load round is exactly what it implies. i built it to decrease loading time and still pack a punch.

Step 3: Shotgun Round

put a few of these rounds in with a normal round and you will have some shrapnel on your hands

Step 4: SPR Round

SPR, Smallest Possible Round. not as accurate as my sniper round but much faster

Step 5: Sniper Round

built for accuracy and for speed, while slower than the SPR it is much more accurate.

Step 6: Brothers Round

just some random round my brother disigned

Step 7: Rifle Round

probably my most innovative round. when it exits the barrel, it opens up and starts spinning in midair. its pretty cool.

Step 8: Claymore

absolutely my favorite round to fire out of the cannon. Its like a frigging sword gun! Very easy to load, extremely powerful, and accuracy is great because of the length of the round. if you only make one of my rounds, please make this one.
comes in three sizes:
need names for the other 2



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    One comment. With the power of the cannon, the claymore ammo will 95% of the time break. It's a good concept, but needs re-enforcement. Other than that, THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! (did I seem excited at all to you?)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    OMFG the reg round went and dented the shoe box and went bout 20 feet the spr went over 100 ft and from like 35 ft away went through a shoe box with ease

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Introduction

    these are the best rounds i have ever made for any type of gun i have ever made.
    I have made the Nuclear Rocket Round, The E2L Round, The Shotgun Round, The Rifle Round, And The Claymore!

    2 replies

    glad you like them! I have since put my knex in storage and have stopped building...with knex. At my school I am team leader in building a full size electric car and my skills in Knex have helped me so much. I might even post recent pictures of it soon... maybe


    8 years ago on Step 5

    Isn't really aerodynamic, so the range will be lower and so is the speed. You've too much fantasy about ammo
    Not to offend or something, just saying...

    5 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Step 5

    when dealing with objects as small as this, the projectiles drag coefficient doesnt effect its flight in the slightest.


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 5

    It weights more, it'll need more power to get the same speed as a yellow rod for example