'Ibles Robot Christmas Tree Chain

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In this Instructable, i am going to teach you how to make an 'Ibles Robot Christmas Tree Chain.

it is a simple project requiring only a small amount of supplies and the template i made for Robot wrapping paper found here:


Have Fun!!!

Step 1: Print and Cut Your Template

for this project you will need:

1) my instructables robot gift wrap template
2) scissors
3) Stapler, Tape, OR glue

When you have gotten my template and downloaded it, you will want to print it out. make sure you make enough prints to last for your project. After you print them out, cut them out vertically or horizontally.

Step 2: Start Your Chain

I personally would rather staple the chain instead of glue it or tape it, but its up to you.

Step 3: Keep Adding Links

Just keep adding links till your satisfied with the length of the chain.

Step 4: Your Done

Now your done with your chain. Hang it on your tree or where ever you want!!!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Fun idea!
    (you might want to include your "instructables robot gift wrap template" in this project, too!)

    1 reply

    Thanks Much. thats a good idea. thats what i used the link for tho. but i guess it wouldnt hurt to put the template on here.