Ice Breakers Magnet Holder!

Introduction: Ice Breakers Magnet Holder!

Use this magnet holder to help carry/clean up your paperclips, staples, anything metal!!  If you want to download this instructable please click this link

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Step 1: Buy and Open

Buy an ice breakers box and eat or empty the mints.(Altoid tins will NOT work with this) Also Buy some magnets, the stronger the better. Then fill your Ice Breakers box and fill it with magnets of your choice.(I recomend strong magnets for better results.)

Step 2: Finished!

Your Now Finished Try out Your New Magnet Holder!

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    So is this literally an Instructable advising you to put magnets in a box? ...Why not just...Use the magnets themselves? I mean, am I missing something here?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Please remove the link - it is effectively, if not actually SPAM.