Ice Cream Bread -- Ka-POW!





Introduction: Ice Cream Bread -- Ka-POW!

Ice cream bread only has two ingredients: Ice cream and self-rising flour!

It's so simple that Ari is wondering: Is this really all you need?

(Yes, it is!)

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Step 1: Make It!

-Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

-Mix equal parts melted ice cream and self-rising flour.

-Spoon it into a greased pan.

-Bake for 30 minutes.

That's all!

Step 2: Enjoy!

Eat it, ya doofus!

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    Delicious ible, Phyllo!!! For grins, I modified things a bit and used a muffin pan (as did another reader). I found that 2 cups of melted Death By Chocolate ice cream and 2 cups of self rising flour worked pretty well. It made exactly 12 standard size muffins, although next time I might add maybe 1/4 cup sugar for a bit more sweetness. My wife suggested frosting them - hmmmm. Texture was good!

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    Another chocolate one, it's very good.
    Tip: Use your ice cream container to measure flour, then you'll always have the right amount!

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    I didn't have ice cream , so I used ice cream sammichs.

    I didn't have a bread pan, so I used a muffin pan.

    They're good!

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    Thank you for this! Chocolate pecan ice cream with extra pecans and chocolate chips added. Yum!!

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    congrats, Nutrition Man! Your photo was posted on the home page of!

    except they call it "easy, fugly ice-cream bread". Heh.

    I tried the ice-cream bread recipe today. It turned out really well (I was very surprised!). The boysenberry-flavoured ice-cream was a bit bland so next time I'll use a more exciting flavour. Super quick and super easy


    My Gosh. This is THE most easy and fun ice cream recipe ever. Thanks Man, I now know how to impress my family.

    This seems wonderful. We are planning on trying it out tonight. I know this may seem like a moronic question, but I can bake it in a glass dish, correct?

    My husband and our friend are at the store right now picking out the ice cream or ice cream flavors that we will be trying. :o) *happy dance*

    Never would have though in a million years of such a combination.