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Introduction: Ice Cream Face

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Did another Collaboration with another amazing youtuber! Hope you all enjoy! Please Subscribe to my YouTube page to help support me! Thanks everyone!<3 I hope you enjoy the ice cream look, tell me what you think?

Step 1: Prep

I put in purple contacts.

I then decided where I wanted my ice cream cone to go and outlined it with a white eyeliner.

Then I got liquid latex to go on the line and placed the cone on top.

Step 2: Ice Cream

I used more liquid latex to add cotton balls around the cone.

I kept some white and painted some pink. This is going to be the yummy ice cream.. It's not going to be yummy though so don't eat it. ;P

Step 3: Drips

For the ice cream drips I got light pink and white body paint from wolf effects and dragged it down my face.

Step 4: Shadows

Using hot pink and gray blue eye shadow from BH cosmetics I added some shadowing into the ice cream drips to make it flow better. (I also made some BEAUTIFUL faces XD )

Step 5: Sprinkles

Using eye lash glue I stuck that all over and placed some sprinkles on top. Yuuuuuuuuuuum. (I did eat one by mistake.. it was not good with the glue. haha)

Step 6: Eye Shadow

Using purple and light pink eye shadow from BH I placed that on the eye that does not have an ice cream on it, and placed a fake eyelash on that side as well.

Step 7: Eyebrow

Getting 'hot pink' from Ben Nye I added that on my eyebrow. Sassy.

Step 8: HOT PINK

Getting this hot pink color from Urban Decay Electric pallet I added that on my lid for a bigger pop of color and then used that same color to contour the hollows of my cheeks.

Step 9: Liner

Using a black eyeliner I lined my eye with a wing look.

Step 10: Lips

I used a hot pink liquid lipstick from NYX all over the lips then I got the lavender purple color from wolfe effects and added it to the corners of my mouth dragging it in.

Step 11: Body

Got the same pink and white colors and added it to the body.

Step 12: Shadows

And using the same eyeshadow I'm going to shadow the ice cream again

Step 13: More Sprinkles

And of course... more sprinkles! !!!!! YUMMY!



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    Very creative! Thanks! My husband has an ice cream man costume he wears at conventions. This would be great to wear while with him. Don't you think?

    By the way, I just reply when someone says "Your welcome. ", just so they know I got there reply or comment. - I Love LPS

    lol oh okay. I reply when I get the chance to really sit down and think about what I want to say. =) I love that anyone would take the time to write to me and even if I only reply with "thank you." or "You should try it!" that may be only because I could not figure out what else to say. I appreciate everyone who is here supporting me and I think they deserve a appropriate response. =P


    2 years ago

    Awesome job! Love this idea & it's well executed.

    1 reply

    This is so fun! I am in awe of you! I was thinking of making a wig out of cotton candy for Halloween this year, have you ever tried that?

    1 reply

    thanks! I have not tried that, sound awesome though! I would love to see how that works out.