Ice Cream Tub Seedling Tray

Introduction: Ice Cream Tub Seedling Tray

This is a really simple seedling tray made out of an old ice cream tub (plastic).
If you leave out the drainage holes - it also makes a pretty good water bowl for a pet.

With some MakeDo fastners - it would be even easier as you could eliminate the silicon/glue and just fasten it together ;-)

So all you need is:

- 1 x Ice cream tub.  ( I have used a 4 litre tub here)
- Ruler ( to measure)
- Pen to mark the line
- sharp knife or scissors
- glue (I have used silicon) - or some MakeDo fastners

(I have shown some clapms in the picture - but I didn't actually  need these to hold the unit together.  Just leave it upside down when drying if you use glue/silicon)

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Step 1: Cut the Tub in Half -ish

First step is to measure how deep you want the tray.  I work on about an inch as this is perfect for seedlings, sprouts, etc.
You can make it as deep as you want, but remember that the base should be higher than the tray so that it will be raised from, the ground when assembled so that the water can drip through.

Carefully draw a straight line around the circumfence of the tub.
Using a sharp knife (carefully) cut the tub in half.

Step 2: Join the Two Halves Back Together

Flip the smaller half over and it should fit nicely inside the base as shown.

It is easy to line up the  cut edges by laying them upside down on a flat surface and pressing down.

I then drill some small holes - approx 6mm drill bit - for drainage

And the use some silicon/glue - or MakeDo fastners (not shown) to connect the halves together.
The glue should be squirted into the sides while the tray is upside down.

If you used some glue - you will need to let this dry overnight before it is sturdy enough to use.
Leave the tray upside down overnight so the glue will fill

Then flip it back over, fill it with some seedling soil and add some seeds!

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