Ice Cup





Introduction: Ice Cup

How to make a Ice Cup that you can drink out of!

Step 1: Materials

First get a cup like the one on the right then get a smaller cup then get foil that you bake with

Step 2: Put Water in the Cup

First go to the sink and put the water in the big cup fill it 1/3 or test it out by putting the smaller cup in the middle of the big cup. Be careful you'll have to line up the small cup exactly in the middle in the big cup.

Step 3: Put Foil on the Cup

Hold the small cup and with the other hand get the foil and put it on the cup. Cover it and see by the foil marks if it is lined up

Step 4: Put It in the Freezer

Ten with the foil on top tightly bring it to the freezer. Check on it and when all of the parts are frozen bring it out. Then take the foil off. Take the smaller cup out carefully. Then you may notice that the bottom part is thin and may crack. To fix it go to the sink and put some watter til it fills 1/4 of the ice. Put it in the freezer again.

Step 5: Take the Cup Out and Enjoy!

After the bottom part is frozen go to the sink. Here comes the tricky part. Slowly while the water is on get the cup with the ice and put the water around it. This may take a few moments. After you have done it and think that you can take it out with your fingers and let the pressure go out and wala! You'll have your ice cup! Put some of your favorite drinks in and enjoy the heat!
Below is a picture of the finished product.



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    Ha, instead of an LED Bulb, why not ab LED Ice Cup, same thing, better use. 

    It's "Voila", It's french. I don't want to sound like a dick, but I hate spelling mistakes.

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    French is a language and should be capitalized. And I though you hated spelling errors.

    I also dislike grammatical errors, for example, starting a sentence with a conjunction. Everyone makes mistakes.

    Good one, however the conversation on said topic had ended months ago. I see a conversation as being finished when both sides have made their points and cease to speak about the topic. I would say seven months between statements would indicate the conversation had come to a close. Nice try chief.

    Clearly this statement is an opinion. And in my opinion an online conversation does not close. Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether they are right or wrong and that is mine.

    also this is getting ridiculous, go ahead and make you reply but i will not be making another comment on this topic. : )

    Thank you, finally it's over. I completely respect your opinion, however you have to understand why I would be slightly annoyed that we were talking about a topic I thought to be dead a while ago.

    this would be great for a snow fort. you could have an ice fort with an ice cabinet with ice cups inside!