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Ice Luminaries, also known as Ice Candle Holders, are a fun and easy project to make during the winter months. Welcome guests with light along the walkway to your front door. Once the greenery is in the mold and the water is frozen, pop in a votive or LED candle for a festive display.

Video of the Build:

Step 1: Decorations

To add interest to the luminaire, evergreens, berries, fruits, etc. can be added. The first picture is a variety of plants taken from the yard. Note that this is in Maryland during the month of January. In addition to local plants, lemons, limes other fruits can be added.

Step 2: Materials

I used a quart size (32oz) plastic container for the outer shell. A one cup (8oz) jar was used for the recessed volume. To prevent glass breakage during the freezing process, I recommend using plastic containers for both pieces. In addition to the containers, you will need tape and something (coins, marbles, beans) to weigh down the inner container.

Step 3: Mold Prep

Place inner container inside large container. Use tape to center as shown. Add weights to inner container. Fill outer container with water - keep the final level ~ 1/4" below inner container.

Step 4: Add Decorations

Greenery, berries, sliced citrus and other natural elements should be added evenly around the containers. To layer the berries, fill the water only part way up the mold. Once the first layer is frozen, you can top off the container as noted or continue with more layers.

Step 5: Freeze

Place outside (if below freezing) and let the luminarie completely freeze. Note that you can also do this step in a freezer.

Step 6: Remove Inner Container

Fill the inner container with hot water to release the mold.

Step 7: Remove Main Container

Again, use hot water on the outside of the mold to break the interface between the ice and the outer container. Be careful with the lumiere at this point, it will be slippery.

Step 8: Enjoy the Best of the Winter Season With Glowing Ice Luminaries.

Be sure to place the luminary on a level surface outside and keep away from anything flammable.

Step 9: Pictures During the Day



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    fantastic job on these, such a unique idea and I really love how they look both during the day and at night - thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

    1 reply

    4 years ago



    4 years ago

    This is the first time I regret living in a tropical area. This must be wonderful in a winter garden.

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I don't think I would regret living in a tropical area - that sounds really nice right now.


    Reply 4 years ago

    It is but sometimes I missed the winter specially when I see something beautiful like this.