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Introduction: Ice Skate - Skate Board

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Convert your skateboard into an ice-skate machine. Make sure to have qualified adults test the quality of any ice surface you test this mean machine on.



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    If you take it for the basic idea of an "ice board?" it sounds like it may be a cool idea. I was never much for th how toons any way but it does give me a good idea. Thx.

    Dude, this is a complete waste of time. I opened this thinking there would really be a way to make this.

    i usally hate howtoons but im makin this also you do need more than a comic cuz i cant read these alot of the time

    I put a few hours into making one of these and in the end it didn't work. It just stuck into the ground. D:

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    Are you sure the ice was solid? The board sure looks good... maybe it just needs better ice to work properly.

    We're going to give it a try. A jigsaw with a metal blade + a bench grinder is the way to go for the blades. Painting them with some good anti-rust spray paint is a good idea too and with some colour they'll look good.

    Interesting. Is there a working model? How 'bout those blades. Shaping them with a mongolian milling machine, I mean file may take all winter. If dad can make the steel strips, he's probably got a chop saw that'll knock off those corners. An angle grinder is much better, but I'd recommend the soda bottle safety glasses first.

    I was thinking santa clause wrote it