Ice Spikes Biome Seed

Introduction: Ice Spikes Biome Seed

About: 13 years old born 2/15/01 love minecraft and fun stuff. Nice,smart,funny

Step 1: The Seed

The seed is 1402344805

Step 2: Generate

Step 3: Spawn

This is what spawn should look like

Step 4: Beginning

This is what u should see if u go towards the snow

Step 5: The Spikes

If u go towards the spike you'll see frozen waterfalls and many more things

Step 6: More Spikes

Step 7: More Seeds

I'll makes more seed showcases in the morning



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    2 Discussions

    This seed is sooooooo amaze!!!!! It's just like frozen!!! Let it go let it go!!!!

    This seed is perfect for my shipwreck project!!