Ice Cream Cake Pops

Introduction: Ice Cream Cake Pops

These are Ice cream cake pops that are very easy to make.

1 box (15.25 oz.) your favorite cake mix (I used chocolate)Ingredients listed on box to prepare the cake mix 1 can (16 oz.) your favorite canned frosting (I used chocolate)1 box (1.6 oz.) mini ice cream cones I bought a couple of boxes. several bags of Wilton candy's

Make the cake per instructions on the box then let it cool.

After the cake cools then add your can of frosting and mix well. Proceed to roll the cake and frosting into small balls

in your hands and then put in the freezer to freeze. Then make your Wilton candy's per instructions on the package

Then take the balls of cake out of the freezer, and and roll them into the Wilton melted candies and then add some

sprinkles and put back into the freezer and let them cool. and then when everything is set then put a little melted

candy around the rim of the cones and then put the balls of cake into the ice cream cone and wrap in bags and enjoy your little ice cream cake pops.

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