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Introduction: Ice Fishing Jig Pocket Box

OK, first time at bat here and I want to thank everyone that has contributed because I've gotten a lot of great ideas here.  

I needed something that I could store ice flies/jigs in for ice fishing this winter that wouldn't cause me a bunch of grief every time I needed one.  Trying to dig these very small jigs out of a box with small compartments and small latches, while the wind is blowing, your fingers are freezing and the fish are biting can be very frustrating.  This summer I had picked up some eye glass cases at a yard sale 5 for $1.  One of them was deep and had a rubbery surface.  It also snapped shut nicely and was very easy to get open.  Then I remembered seeing fly box inserts at my local fly shop for under $4.  I did a little measuring and figured out that I could use the large Ripple Refills that are 8 1/8" by 4 1/8".  They also sell you a flat piece at the same time but I haven't found a use for that, yet.  :-)  So off we go.

Step 1:

I used an old file folder but any stiff piece of paper should work.  I cut the board to fit snugly inside the case.  It was nice that it fit both sides.  I traced this onto the paper backing of the Ripple Inserts.  I got the two I wanted easily and it cut nice and cleanly.  I did adjust the template so that the ripples would be staggered on both sides.  This ended up not mattering at all as there was a ton of room even with both sides filled.

Step 2:

A quick test fit and then I peeled the paper backing off the inserts.  The glue they use is the very sticky rubbery stuff that you can peel off coated paper.  I wondered if I'd have to use contact cement but it wasn't necessary.  They stick very well even to the flocked interior.  A little effort and they can be removed and replaced after they get worn out.

Step 3:

Here it is with 54 ice jigs in it.  They don't touch or get messed up even after I've snapped it shut a bunch of times, tried to show that in the close up.  Plenty of room for my fat fingers to grab a single.  One hand to close it and it slips right into my pocket and is very easy to remove and open.  Without gloves I can actually get my thumb in the edge and pop it open one handed.  I've seen that there are some types of fly boxes being sold as ice jig boxes but again those little latches and cold hands don't go together for me.  They are marketed as waterproof.  The jigs are going to get wet when I put them in the water, go figure.  The snap close feature of the eye glass case and the slim design, I feel, makes this a cheaper, easy to make design.  Usually everything is packed down around the ice holes and when this thing drops, it snaps shut.  Unlike the commercial one that just lies there.  Ya, I hope it doesn't jump into a hole too. . .:-)

I'm looking forward to the comments!



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    Looks like it would work good for flies as well.

    Great idea! This is just a thought, but you could place a floating key fob on to this in case it did fall in. You can get them at marinas and places that sell boating supplies. Or, you could just use a large bobber letting it hang out the end and fasten the line to the inside under the sticky inserts.

    nice, nice. . . very nice. I will be making one of these to replace the fly box lost by my husband!

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    After I made this I was thinking along that line because I lost a box down the Miller's this year. A 2 foot piece of 50# braid looped around the hinge side, knotted tight and a small carabiner on the other end snapped around my suspender should help keep it around. It does fit in the inside chest pocket of my wader. Just a thought.

    You, sir or madam, are a genius! I will definantley be making this. I have jigs all over my tackle box and last time I went to organize my box I almost stabbed myself!

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    It's sir and thank you very much. I did stab my self many times trying to dig those little, very sharp jigs/flies out of very small box sections. Old fingers don't work well and cold, old fingers work even worse. :-)))

    You, sir or madam, are a genius! I will definantley be making this. I have jigs all over my tackle box and last time I went to organize my box I almost stabbed myself!