Ice Pots From Disposable Ordinary Bottles.

Introduction: Ice Pots From Disposable Ordinary Bottles.

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Very easy and cheap method to get crushed ice. You can make these pots of desired height. These pots save space of your freezer. Now get started.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

1: Ordinary coca cola bottle.
2: Paper cutter.
3: All purpose scissors.
4: Heavy Spoon.

Step 2: Cutting

Apply a small cut with paper cutter. Then insert scissors to cut all round the bottle.

Step 3: Fill It With Water

Fill it with water and place it in freezer and wait till water is converted to ice.

Step 4: Crushing

Now you have ice formed as shown in picture (pot is changed). Then smash it hard with heavy spoon.
Note : Start smashing from bottom of pot.

Step 5: Take Out Ice in Plate and Enjoy.

Tadaaaa....task done.

Step 6: You Can Get Very Fine Crushed Ice.

It's my first instructable so don't get angry for mistakes and please let me know if you find any mistake.
Sorry for bad English as it is not my mother language.

Step 7:

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