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If you want the caffeinated kick to the head that coffee provides, but you don't want to worry about scorching your tongue, then iced coffee is the way to go. When in the depths of a particularly deep caffeine binge I would opt for the iced stuff because I could drink it so much faster.

With this method, you can make a batch of concentrated coffee to make individual iced cups of coffee for the next several days. It's perfect for when you need a quick fix.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

You'll need:

1/2 pound of coffee ground for a French press
12 cup French press. I'm using Bodum's 12 cup press.

The 12 cups here are really 4-ounce cups. So the 12 "cups" is really the equivalent of 6 cups.

Take out the strainer and drop the grounds in.

If you don't have a French press, simply use any container and a method of straining the grounds out.

Step 2: Start the Brew

Add 4 cups of room temperature water. Stir it up well to mix the grounds with the water.

The grounds will steep for 12-16 hours and need to be stirred a few times along the way. So whenever you pass your room temperature mix, just give it a stir.

Step 3: Press the Coffee

Now put the strainer back on the French press and press the coffee. Pour off the coffee into another container, preferably one with a spout. I used my 8 cup French press for this (yes, I used to be addicted).

You can now chill this coffee in your fridge for up to 10 days. This will be your concentrated coffee that you will use to make iced coffee whenever you want.

Step 4: Make an Iced Coffee

Making an iced coffee is simple. Just take out a glass and fill it with ice. Now pour in the coffee so that it fills up a little less than half of the glass.

Top off the drink with some water. This along with some of the melted ice will give you the right strength. Feel free to test your ratios until you're happy with it.

Add cream and/or sugar and stir.


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Fungus Amungus (like the MTG Card?)
    I think the cold brewing is pretty cool, never seen it before... does the cold brewed coffee 'keep' (stay fresh/drinkable) longer? My coffee usually does not survive more than a day, thus I brew every morning (see below):

    How I make Iced Coffee, I make extra (hot) coffee with my French Press in the morning (7:00ish), then after my morning cup(s) I drain the remaining coffee (adding brown sugar), refrigerate (or in summer: freeze) the rest. Then at 14:00ish I make some Iced Coffee.

    Alternatively, when I have guests over I make a MochaPot extra strong and chill the hot brew with ice and a cocktail shaker.

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    fungus amungus80$man

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I haven't done this one in a little while. When I did, though, it would last in my fridge for a day or two. By that I mean I'd drink it up by then. It was perfectly fine a couple days alter.

    Don't know the MTG card, I just like mushrooms. Regular mushrooms, that is.

    80$manfungus amungus

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    My bad, it a Magic ((the Gathering) Legacy Deck called: the-fungus-among-us.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    this tastes different
    cold brewing coffee is very different from hot brewed coffee (which is how they brewed instant coffee

    hey, I still need of a french press even using soluble coffe? (sorry, I'm from brasil, and, here I have never heard of this kind of thing)

    i'm in russia right now, and no one drinks real coffee, only the instant kind (soluble as you call it, i think). I found a way to make iced coffee pretty well using it. just brew a cup of coffee hot like you always do, but put double the instant coffee and sugar in(maybe triple sugar) Now find a larger cup, fill it with ice, and (optional) pour some milk?cream in the bottom. Then just pour in your hot coffee. Alot of the ice will melt, hence the double strong brew.

    yeah, soluble is what I call instant xD and... your way sounds very tasty, but I have one question, in Russia isn't too cold to brink cold coffee? I know russia is not under ice the whole year, but even in the summer, you know, it's not so cold in summer? or spring and etc?

    Many parts of Russia are fairly warm. Also, in summer it can get pretty hot here, maximum maybe 32 or 33 C. The average winter temperatures here in St. Petersburg are around -10 or so, with temperatures occasionally as low as -30(rare). The real pain is how long the winter is. From October there is usually rain everyday to some degree(usually very light but enough to keep things wet). from there the weather transitions to snow, usually at the end of November, and usually doesn't warm up until late march or so. However, for around a month or so in the summer there are "white nights" where it never gets completely dark. Further north in Murmansk i heard you can't tell the difference between 4am and 4 pm...

    This summer got pretty hot. I live in St petersburg, which is about 60 degrees north, but it still got to around 35 degrees celsius pretty often. Usually it stayed around 30. However the winters are long and cold. I lived in Chicago most of my life, and it gets just as cold there, but usually only for a few days. Here in russia it will drop to -20 C and stay there for two weeks...
    Also, St. Petersburg is near the Baltic which keeps it relatively warm. Inland is colder, i think.

    No problem. The method I describe in my instructable only requires some type of filter. You can use a paper coffee filter, cheese cloth or a metal cone style filter (that is what I use) or even a very fine sieve or kitchen strainer. I'm not sure what you mean by "Soluble coffee". Both this method and my method are for ground coffee beans. I wouldn't use instant coffee for these methods. I hope that helps. :)

    Soluble coffe it's what we call caffe that don't require filters, just add water and/or milk, and it's ready! (or instant coffe, as you said) :-)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Lovely instructable fungus! I tend to make my iced coffee with expresso, adding sugar whilst it's hot, then adding ice and milk on top. Pitty it's freezing in the UK at the moment!

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