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This is a cold lollipop for hot summer days . You can make it fast and easy , with low cost and enjoy much ! It's between ice cream and lollipop , so it's a ice lollipop , it means a frozen and icy juice . You can make it with many shapes and colors .


Step 1: Ingredients

•  Average stick : I use 4 numbers

•  Ice mold : You can buy shape ice mold from plastic-shops .

•  Juice powder / home-made juices / ready juices : I use orange juice powder

Step 2: Make the Juice

This step is only for juice powder . If you use a ready or home-made juice you don't need this step .
Mix the juice with 1.5 Liter of water in a place . If your powder is different , you can follow package's guide .

Step 3: Fill the Mold

Fill the ice mold from juice with a spoon . When the mold were full , put it in to the freezer .

Step 4: Place the Sticks

After 15-minute , drive out the mold from freezer and place the sticks in to the ices . Then add a few juice again for wear the perforated place . Then place the mold in to the freezer again and wait 2-hours .

Why I place the sticks after 2-minutes ?

Because before 2-minutes glaciate , the sticks couldn't be fixed . After 2-minute a few icy water enfold the ices and they can fixed the sticks .

Step 5: Drive Out and Enjoy !

After 2-hour drive out the mold from freezer & drive out the ices from mold .
You can use
Now your icy juice in ready on a stick , similar a ice lollipop . Eat cold and quickly !



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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Popsicle is a brand name for a Ice Pop which is frozen artificial or natural juice, however, there is no reason you should change the name for it is a completely original name for your creation. out of curiosity, is it frozen through and through?

    oooh, crud, and after some quick research I have found that it may be that in America ice pops are called Popsicles and in other places names range from lolly ice, ice lolly (United Kingdom), Ice block or icy pole (Australia and New Zealand),  to popsicle (United States and Canada)