Ideal Clamp (Paperclip) Angel Ornament

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As I write this in September, some people may think it's a little early to be thinking about Christmas and the Happy Holidays.

I am NOT one of those people. 

I am the person who is panicking because I have not purchased or created my children's Halloween costume's yet. 
I am "one of those people" who is checking ads now for those "must have" gifts that might be on sale now so I can buy them before the Official Holiday Season starts..
And I am "that person" who makes ornaments and holiday gifts February through November, just so I can enjoy my December with a cup of coffee in hand.
Yes, people hate to love me.

With all that said, I created these cute little Angel Ornaments made out of "Ideal" clamps or butterfly paperclips, pearl beads and ribbon.  They are so simple, I created one in my office on my break.

Perhaps you are thinking, "Nah, she couldn't have done something this cute during her break time."  I did have to bring some of the supplies from home...but, there is a photo of my office in this instructable for proof.

Onto the instructions!  That's why you're here right?

You'll need:
  • Ideal Clamps (Also referred to as Butterfly Paperclips) - I got mine at an office supply store for $2.49+tax.
  • One 12mm pearl bead per angel
  • 12-inch long piece of 1/8" wide ribbon (thread yarn would also work)
  • scissors
  • a regular paperclip
  • And... about 10 to 15 minutes (for the first one anyway)

  • Measure 12-inches of ribbon.
  • Fold the ribbon in half and using one of the ends of the regular paperclip, push the ribbon into the pearl.  Note: I tried wider ribbon with no success.  However, I do think thread yarn would work and look beautiful.  I just used what I had. =)
  • Pull the bead down the ribbon about 2-inches.
  • Slip the ribbon through the center of the ideal clamp - see photo - so that the "wings" of the angel are on top.
  • Slip the loose end of ribbon and the bead through the top loop of the ribbon and pull to tighten around the clamp.
  • Push the bead down to the top of the knot as the head of the angel.
  • Tie another overhand knot on top of the bead, pushing the overhand knot down to get it as close as possible to the top of the bead.
  • Make a double knot or a square knot on the top using the two loose pieces of ribbon so that the ornament can hang on your tree or present.
  • Trim the ends of the ribbon and enjoy!

I would love to see photos of anyone's cute angels!  Leave them in the comments below if you get the chance.  I know you'll be running to the office closet to see if you have some of these kind of paperclips handy....

This idea originated from here: Crafty Journal



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    3 years ago

    I have seen these little angels posted all over the internet. The simplicity of your pattern has me itching to make some of these little beauties. Thanks for sharing. I'll post photos of the finished product once I get some made.