Ideas for Valentine

Introduction: Ideas for Valentine

I'm in love with one wonderful being for 4 years now. And all the time I want to give him something nice.

These can be some of the ideas for your valentine. :)

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Step 1: All We Need Is Love

There's few ways we can do this - either spend some money, or make something from scratches.

But don't worry, both ways are good. The most important thing is your love, intention and attention. Just a simple thing that you want to give your love to someone is amazing!

Spending money on things like -

1.Customized dog tag.

Write your own text that will show your love

"I will hold you for as long as you like and I will love you for the rest of my life. With love, your X "

"You're the water I drink, you're the air that I breathe. Eternally yours, X " ( this is what i wrote on a cup that I made for my lover. Works great)

"Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never at heart. Love, X " ( ech... what can we do if love has no walls, and don't care about the distance or time.)

2. A cup!

Either a nice picture or text. Or something nice.. Or kinky? O.o

what ever the person you'll give it to likes.

3. Necklace, bracelet. Anything they can wear. :) This way they will always think about you

4. Shirts or clothes

Anime fans? Game fans? Or maybe a shirts for both of you?

5. Chocolate.

Cause who doesn't like chocolate?

( I'm quitting sugar... Ain't gonna give it to anyone anymore... Unless I get back to sweet stuff. So enjoy while you can!)

6. Dinner somewhere out? Movie?

7. Seriously? Anime or game fan? Give them figures! They cost so much though :(

8. Cologne or perfume?

But how about if we're kinda broke, but want to make that day special?

Well here's something that you can do

Bake something ( if you have those ingredient at home.) Or just make what your valentine likes

Write a love letter. Tell them why you love them. All the good things. Let's just forget their perfect imperfections sometimes, and remind them why you got together, what you like about them, what you appreciate etc. Express your love. Write something you never dared to say. :)

How about dancing? Just two of you in each others arms, dancing.. Even if you don't know how, just try that.

Massage? ( O.o with a happy ending if you want to... but leave that for the evening then.... Ya know...)

Bath or shower together? :o

Just spend whole day together :)

And for those like me... Who have 10000 miles distance and 10 hour difference... And no money for a flight, nor a chance to spend the day together...

Write a letter. This is the best thing you can do.

Buy them something they can wear.

If you ever met and took a photo of both of you, print it out. Make it a real photo, not just digital.

You have many photos of both of you? Well how about the album where it's just you and them?

Ummm Send a photo of yourself. Cause if they love you, they love it all about you. And the way you look. You're perfect and you know that ;) They love looking at you.

Maybe a short video or audio message for them?

Write letters. LOTS! When will you meet? And how patient are you?

Write 12 letters. Different topics. A letter that they will open once a month depending on the mood they are in.

Write 365 short notes. Different color paper.

Let's say. White - love quotes
Blue - what you love about him
Red - something kinky? ( they will end first... I'm sure...)

Pick the mood and topic. Write 365 different little notes. Put it in a box or jar ( big one? O.o) tell him/her the rules - 1 note a day, depending on your mood. Or just random pulling. this way they will wait for another and another way to see how you love them. ( that's my plan for his birthday)

Well I guess that's all. Hope it helps :)


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    4 years ago

    omg thanks for all the help! I just didn't know what to get that special someone. But anyways thanks!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Oh good, I'm glad this could help :)