If I Could Be Anything - Using Paint With Story Writing

Introduction: If I Could Be Anything - Using Paint With Story Writing

Attention Elementary Teachers!!

Teach your students how to use the graphic program Paint to accompany their imaginative story writing using digital photos. Integrate Language Arts with Technology!

Everytime I do this lesson with my students, they love it! It also aids particular students with fine-motor issues.

Learning Objective
To write a story with imagination, detail and appropriate conventions.
To use technology in the classroom to promote technological skills and graphic development.
To learn how to open, close and save projects on the computer.

Note: This project can also be done for other purposes besides "If I Could Be Anything" story writing. For example, it can be used for a holiday activitiy (making oneself into Santa Claus, a Vampire, a leprechaun or Cupid!) You may also choose to do this activity when having students do a comic strip, art for a book about them (biography) or placing themselves on a map doing an activity that they engaged in on a vacation. The ideas are endless!

You may view the lesson in a Power Point slideshow attached below.

Step 1: Learning Objective

Step 2: Story Writing

Step 3: Preparing for the Computer Lab

Step 4: Resizing Digital Photos

Step 5: Uploading Photo in Paint Program

Step 6: Using Paint Tools

Step 7: Erasing

Step 8: Drawing (And Having Fun!)

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