If Your Pants Are Falling Down, Buy a Belt




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In less than 15 minutes (more if you don’t find your tools…) you can add belt loop to you favorite pant. It’s more easy than to change the elastic.
You need:
• Pant
• Belt
• Tape measurement (or equivalent)
• Ribbon (or equivalent)
• Scissors
• Pins
• Sewing machine.

Please note that :
- this is my first Instructable
- English is absolutely not my mother language.

French and Spanich version exist.

Step 1: Measure Your Belt

Very important, here the tape measurement is in centimetres.

Step 2: Cut

Cut, at least, 5 belt loops: size of the height of the belt + 1 inch.

Step 3: Put the Ribbon on the Pant

Fold the 2 bottoms of the future belt loops.

Place the future belt loops on the pant, the first on the middle of the back.

Step 4: Sew and See


It’s done!

You can add belt loops to you skirt too.



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    7 years ago on Step 4

    What a fabulous idea! I have had pants without loops frustrated when they don't fit right - simple AND charming little accents!

    thanks for posting a fab instructable!

    1 reply