If You're Going to Chop Why Peel? the E-Z Way to Peel a Hard Cooked (boiled) Egg

Introduction: If You're Going to Chop Why Peel? the E-Z Way to Peel a Hard Cooked (boiled) Egg

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I've used this technique for  many years, and always love showing others.....it makes using hard cooked eggs in recipes SO much easier, than the usual peeling process. I use this when needing chopped hard cooked eggs, like for egg salad, or potato salad, or any time the egg doesn't need to be in PERFECT halves........BUT I also have used it when making deviled eggs at home, and it works very well.


Step 1: Step 1: Hard Cook (Boil) Eggs

When I'm just cooking a couple eggs I use this Nordic Ware Microwave cooker, but  Hard Cook (Hard Boil) your eggs however you want. Using whatever method works best for you.

This instructable is what to do AFTER you have cooked your eggs

Step 2: Step 2: "Equipment"

Hard cooked (boiled) eggs
Knife (it can be either a butter knife of a sharper knife like a paring knife.....your choice
small spoon (teaspoon)

bowl to put egg in when done (optional)

Step 3: Step 3: Getting the Egg Out or How to Get the Shell Off

Once your eggs are cooked, and cooled at least enough to handle........OR they can be cold from the fridge. You are ready to get the egg out of it's shell.

Hold the egg in, or with your NON-dominate hand.

Hold the knife in your dominate hand.

Strike the egg with the knife making a "cut" in the shell.

Put the knife aside, and pry the shell in half with your fingers. Many times half the shell will come off in one piece.

Insert the tip of the spoon in between the egg and shell, running the spoon around the shell to loosen. Scoop out the egg.

Repeat for the other half.

Chop as usual.

Toss the shell

Step 4: OPTIONAL: for Deviled Eggs or Evenly Halved Eggs

I have also used this same technique for times when I need NICELY halved eggs. It doesn't Always work, but if you're making deviled eggs for yourself, and aren't really worried about if the halves are perfect.....give it a try.

Turn the egg in or with your Non-dominate hand, and strike it with the knife "the long way".

You MAY need to "cut" a little more of the shell prior to pulling the shell apart.

More often than not I get a pretty good result doing this......of course remember YMMV (your mileage may vary)

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    It's sure a time and frustration saver....I hope you give it a try!