Igloo or Snow Fort With Less Then 3 Inch's of Snow.

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This is just a short instructable, Sorry there's not very many pics I forgot to take more before it broke I also ran out of snow cause my siblings used most of it:-(

Step 1: How to Do It

you need a bucket that is square I used this bucket its the right size ^
Fill it all the way up with snow and get a big cup, Mug, Smaller lid, A shoe or boot,ect. Pack the
snow down as far as you can and turn upsidedown and bang the sides and top to make the snow slide down and out the bucket. cut to the right shape then put the up verticaly in a circle and put snow in the cracks to insalate. keep making the chunks and build it. link to instruction's: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-oo4RIEATeQU/UPeVzxh2GvI/AAAAAAAAJ3Y/rKBkZb2Hcz4/s320/325px-Igloo_spirale.svg.png

Step 2: Finish

Sorry its only a wall but this is just how I do it. if you like it do not forget to vote!:-)



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