Ikea Coffee Table Hack




Ikea Coffee table hack. 

Material used Base cabinet cover panel and sultan LADE. All this item was pick up at the AS IT IS section, price is cheaper from buying a new table. This is good also for those like handy work.

Material List:

Base cabinet cover panel.

2) SULTAN LADE (Single bed)
Slatted bed base, solid wood

Step 1: Cut the Sultan Lade wood into 2 pieces same length. You will require 2 full length is 70 cm. this will act as a table leg.
Step 2: Cut the Sultan Lade wood into 38 cm x 4 pieces. This will used as bracing support and support for leg.

Update Picture and info.
Step 3: Add supporting wood for table leg. view picture for detail. Measuring 35 centimeter for each bracing so total 4 pcs require.
Step 4: Added clear glass as table top, this is optional.

Hope this will be useful information to other that need simple coffee table. You may add Glass on top to give more better outlook. 



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    Nice and simple idea!
    I was thinking about building a table very much like this but I had some concerns regarding stability... How stable is this table even though the two sets of legs are not linked together? Is there a risk that a table built like this one, but the size of a desk, might be wobbling a bit? Thanks!

    3 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank for the input. I also though about that. After finish i have tried it the table are very stable and no wobbling. Is due to the leg base are wider when touching the floor. Anyway there is always an option to add the link wood between the leg. I will add the picture with the link wood between the leg next week. Thanks