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So I moved into a new room and wanted to create a large work space for some varies projects I would be working on.

The main goal was to create a large desk at a low cost while still maintaining a polished look.

Ive had some luck with craigslist, so I watched the free section there and the as-is department at Ikea on a daily to hourly basis.

Here are the parts I found/bought:

Craigslist Free

3 Shelf book case at 32" tall
Hollow wooden door
Piano (only used the lid for the top shelf of the desk)

(Vid of me taking apart the piano)

Ikea As-Is

Sawhorse = $10
Glass top 63x19" = $17


Capita brackets = $35
Keyboard drawer = $10
Cable management = $10

Add in some miscellaneous hardware and the total cost of this desk was around $85 while using mostly reused materials.

To attach the door to the sawhorse and shelf, I to pre-drilled and screwed in around the edges where the frame is the strongest.

The structure turned out stronger than I originally though. The glass top is not to heavy for the door and the overall feel is very sturdy. The top of the desk is also level and does not bow in the middle.

I hope this encourages you on your next project!

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