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Introduction: Ikea Doll Turned Adjustable Lamp!

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I was looking for a new reading lamp, and suddenly I got the idea to attach a lamp to my adjustable ikea doll (which was basically collecting dust) and it would look as if the doll was holding the lamp for me. This instructable is pretty simple, and for me it's was a perfect project for these rain days. I hope you like it and make your own lamps! Can't wait to see some spin-offs!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

1. An Ikea wooden doll (or any other similar wooden doll.. or anything else you would like to mount a lamp on!)

2. A piece of card sheet that's suitable for the heat of a light bulb (low watts or LED).

3. A light socket with cable.

4. Decorations (will be shown last as an extra step) - I added a map, you can use anything you like!

5. A thin metal wire (NOT PICTURED).

Step 2: The Lampshade Design!

First, print out the PDF I added on an A4 page (or use any other cone template).

Cut the marked piece and lay it over your card sheet. (pictures 1-3)

Using a pencil, mark around your paper template onto your card sheet, and cut the new shape out. (pictures 4,5,6)

Get a small piece of sticky tape ready. Roll your card sheet to it's final shape (notice that at this point you can slightly modify it to fit your needs). Apply the sticky tape - make sure it's not too strong so it won't damage your card when you take it off later on (one way to make it a bit weaker is to apply it on your fingers first). Use a pencil to mark where the 2 sides over-lap. My mark turned out to be a perfect rectangle. (pictures 7,8)

Take the appropriate glue for your card sheet (mine was elmer's wood glue), and apply it all over your marked area evenly. Now slowly roll the cone back to it's shape, hold it in place for a few seconds and place another piece of sticky tape, just to make sure it doesn't slide off. (picutres 9, 10, 11)

Let it dry for as long as needed before moving to the next step.

Step 3: Attaching Your Lamp to Your New Lampshade

First, take a pin and punch 2 holes about 0.5cm away from each other at the thin side of the cone (picture 1). Make sure the holes are a good fit for the metal wire you're going to use. Now Using a rolloer or just by hand, punch 2 more holes on the exact opposite side (still at the thin part).

Cut a about 15cm of your thin wire. Guide both ends of the wire through the holes of one side, and then through the others (picure 2).

Cross the wires over each other, to make small circle for the lamp socket to hold (picture 3). Some lamp sockets might need extra loops of wire around them in order to stay firmly in place, so keep that in mind. Place the lamp socket in place and close it tightly. Try to locate it at the center of your lampshade. (picture 4)

Cross both sides of the wire over and over to keep them tight. Cut off most of the excess. (pictures 4,5)

Picture 6 shows the end product of this step :) Way to go you're about to finish!

Step 4: Center Your Light Bulb

Take a left-over piece of card sheet, and cut about piece about 3.5X10cm big in the shape of a rectangle with round edges. Notice that shape is not THAT important, since it'll stay hidden.

Find the center of your left-over piece, and mark a circle where the card sheet should grip the socket. I used the socket itself but you can also measure it if yours is already attached to the lampshade. (picture 2). Cut the circle out using a sharp knife. (Picture 3).

Take the piece you just made, and put it inside your lampshade. Place it over the light socket, so that it keeps it centered. Once it's all perfectly centered, glue it to place. (picture 4).

Step 5: Finishing Your Ikea-Doll Lamp!

Last thing you'll have to do is to attach the lamp to the doll. I used some elmer's glue again. Take a minute here to make sure it's holding it the way you like, since it's a bit harder to cut off dry glue. Let it dry.

You're done!! It took a bit of work, but you now have your own DIY Ikea doll lamp! ENJOY! :)

Hope you like it, and hope you vote for me:)

See you soon!

Extra step ahead.


If you're just scrolling thing you've missed the last step! this is just a bonus one:)

Personally I like my lampshade white. Fits my room better. But if you're already making your own, you can decorate it! Either paint it before you roll it up, or like I did here, cut a second piece exactly the same shape and lay it over as pictured. I used an old map I like, but you can also print anyhing and use it.

Good luck:)

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    Can't wait to see yours:) I guess this idea can be applied to many many objects :)


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    That looks great:) nice video too! I like the lampshade but your version is awesome