Ikea Fixa Hack

About: Hi - I am a British chap living in China. I have been building/adapting/improving/breaking stuff since I was very small and I love the opportunity to document and share some of this experience here.

This is a simple improvement and no-fee suggestion for IKEA.

I hope you find it useful.

I seem to get through many boxes of "FIXA" IKEA's "260-piece screw and plug set."

They are fairly good quality and I find the plugs are a good design. They would be better if each box included more plugs.

But an easy improvement is the addition of a pencil. If you are drilling holes, you need to measure and mark out the hole first. And for this you will require... a pencil. A pencil that fits into one of the compartments would be perfect.

Where might one find such a pencil? That's right? In IKEA!

Step 1: Put Pencil in Box

OK this instructable has only step which you may have already worked out:

Put IKEA pencil in box.

You need to undo the tape which seals the lid down first, but I can't see that IKEA would object to this.

Hey presto! a vastly improved product.

IKEA - how difficult would it be to do this for me?



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