Ikea Helmer Renderfarm


Introduction: Ikea Helmer Renderfarm

This is a radical Ikea hack.
Intend to use as a super computer in the field of animation.
Many freelancers out there work at home and they need a lot of computing power to produce high end animations for film and TV.
This is the point were our Ikea hack comes in handy because we have combined computing power with a nice design of the Ikea helmer cabinet...
What do you think about it?


Complete instruction, Pics and Video.



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    AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition FX-8150 (FD8150FRGUBOX) - See more at: http://shop.amd.com/us/All/Detail/Processor/FD8150FRGUBOX#sthash.VZV5FJL4.dpuf

    I would just build with AMDs to cut price. I understand intel for the workstation, but for a renderfarm, the more cores, the better.

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    Hi, would like to know some info on AMD's 8-core, Is it true 8 core or is it the pseudo core? I believe AMD has fixed the Bulldozer's issue in their Pile Driver.

    Would it be a better choice to go for 6 core or 8 core?

    Hi ragunaath,

    in case of Rendering its always better to have as many cpus you can get and the more cores the better they are for Rendering.

    Hi SinAmos,
    thanks for your comment. Maybe the next build will be with amd`s.

    That's just awesome. You should totally win this.

    thats pretty awsome, when i built a render farm of my own i just used 4 motherboards and massive 5 inch standoffs to bolt them all together and then i just built a nice little box i stuffed the psu's into the bottom and used onboard integrated ssd drives for storage, worked great

    There are truly no words to describe this level of awesome...
    Please feel free to include the entire list of components and a setup tutorial for those of us who have no need for a super computer but desperately want one!!!
    Again, too awesome for words...

    Nice! Out of the box thinking. Besides of aesthetics and fun building not much money savings comparing to the commercial enclosures... $120 + fans vs. 6x$30? I still like it!

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    Hi void_main,

    there is a lot of money saving.
    We would have need 6 enclosures, 2H, 19" each 120€=720€.
    The ikea helmer cabinet is only 30€ for 6 nodes!
    And helmer is more compact, it fits under the desk and is atx conform ;-)

    Great build, I would love to build one myself! How much did the total build cost and what type of performance numbers are you seeing?

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    Hello ShaneVadnais,

    thanks for your comment. The total cost for each node is about 500€ + software.
    You can also visit our facebook site. There are more questions and answeres regarding the renderfarm:
    And if you like it - then please like us ;-)