Ikea Lack Table Extra Shelf




Millions of students use Lack tables from Ikea because they are lightweight and cheap.

You play & watch movies and eat at the same time but there is not enough space on that tiny table.

Here is a solution that is easy and neat.

If there only would be someone to manufacture this...


Firm fabric

20mm ribbon

Velcro strap, both types

Sewing machine

Rubber strings (optional)

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Step 1: Video: How Does It Work

This video explains how does it work.

And how do you attach the extra shelf for Lack Ikea table on.

Step 2: More Photos and Instructions

There is not much instructions needed

Cut the fabric

Sew the velcro straps on the ribbon and the ribbon on the fabric

and sew some rubber band on the inside of the ribbon

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    2 Discussions


    6 weeks ago

    Well now . . this is just simple and brilliant! LOVE IT.

    I would absolutely not be surprised to see something like this start being sold at IKEA next to the LACK tables. And it would be called:


    1 reply

    Reply 6 weeks ago

    I offered it to Ikea few years ago but they declined.
    But still.. there already is maybe tens of millions LACK tables used around the world. This would provide them extra space. And if Ikea-size company would manufacture it, the price would be like 2-4€ only