Ikea Rotera Led Lantern.

Introduction: Ikea Rotera Led Lantern.

creating your own flickering led latern. A simple and cheap job.

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Step 1: Get Your Tools and Parts.

So here is my second able.
ikea rotera 2,99€
4 orange leds. 0.10€ pc make sure you get the defused ones.
1 led candle 20pc for 2€ or something
pcb board
9v battery+clip 2€
resistor 0.05€
foil. 5€
hot glue gun
soldering iron
wire cutters
dremel or something to cut the pcb with.
60/40 solder

Step 2: Prep Your Rotera

Ok so first of all i am using static foil. It has no glue.

Take the small windows out. BE CAREFULL they are made of real glass !!!. Bend the little clips outwards. Cut the foil to size minus 3 mm from the top and bottem. Dip the glass in water. Take the back off and lay it on the glass. When you have done them all just put them back in.

Step 3: Strip the Led Candle.

Now strip your led candle. You only need the led. The led contains a small circuit that makes t act like it does. when you solder your leds in series, the normal leds will act the same. No magic or special parts needed.

Step 4: Soldering

First it may be good to test your setup on a breadboard.

First of all i will explain why i soldered the leds like i did in the pictures.

The "mother" led is brighter then the rest. So if you dont place this one in the middle it will over rule the orange ones. You can defuse it by sanding it.

I didn't use a switch here,for the simple reason that i didnt have one ?. Will be added later on.

Step 5: Final

So after you glued the pcb on your battery holder put it in your rotera and tada....a nice orange/yellowish glow. have fun. If you have any questions just ask.

here is a little video
Ikea rotera: http://youtu.be/MIMolsoK5_0

Step 6: Little Update. Added Switch

added a little reed switch. I had a few just laying around. So i soldered one in. Also soldered a wire on to the magnet and to the battery holder. So for switching off the light, just remove the magnet. This way you dont have to drill any holes.

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