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Well, here's my space. As you can see, it's rather bleak. I've amassed a mixed room of furniture over the years, but it's in storage and most of it isn't worth the cost of getting it moved. I've always wanted cohesive look to my house, and starting with this blank slate, here is my chance.

I'll need to include both a sleeping area and a desk area for my studies. After browsing the IKEA website, I fell in love with the Hemnes collection. I'd like to get a bed as I currently only have a mattress on a standard metal frame. The queen Hemnes Bed would be great. I'll be back to the school grind soon, so I'll need adequate working space. My old desk is blown away by the Hemnes Desk .The Barometer floor lamp would be great for those late night efforts. Of course, the Hemnes Add On would provide excellent storage options to help keep myself organized. I'll also need a place to store my clothes. The Hemnes 3 Drawer Chest is perfect because I'll have a good amount of closet space.

Bedroom Photos:
My new bedroom (Image 1)

Floor Plan:
Room Layout (Image 2)

Shopping List:
Ikea Shopping List (Image 3)

Hemnes Bed - $199 (Image 4)
84" L x 65" W x 80" H

Hemnes Desk - $329 (Image 5)
62" L X 26" W X 30" H

Hemnes Desk Add On - $150 (Image 6)
62" L X 10" W X 24"

Hemnes 3 Drawer Chest - $150 (Image 7)
42" L X 20" W X 34" H

Barometer Floor Lamp (Image 8)
57" T x 10" D

Thanks for viewing my instructible!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good choice there.
    It would be nice to see how it all ended up like.