Illuminated Lilys Flowers !




Introduction: Illuminated Lilys Flowers !

I wanted to offer a cute and modest diy present to my girl. I remembered about a nice website where you learn how to make cool Origami. I choose the "Lily" model, beautiful and perfect form for this project !

What you need:

- 3 leds (i used some fast rgb rainbow leds)

- 3 straw

- 3 "Lily" :)

- Some wire

- A CR2032 battery

- CR2032 battery holder

- A tiny slide switch

- A glass jar with plastic cap (mine is french mustard ^^) + gift paper to decorate

And some tools to cut, soldering and glueing.

NB: I didn't used resistors as my leds didn't need it with 3V. If you use some 2V leds which need 20mA, you need to add 3 resistors of 56€Ω.

Formula: (V_battery - V_led) / mA_led

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Step 1: Prepare Your Origami

Firstly, you have to make your Lilys. (Credits goes to !)

Step 2: Let's Go !

First, iInsulate and tin your wires + component.

You can solder the leds after that. Red wire to the long pin of the led, black one to the short.

Once finished, put the wires on the straws and solder all + together and all the - together. To isolate connections i used some heat-shrinkable tube.

Step 3: The Cap

Now, take a cutter and make a small rectangle for the switch.

You can glue it with a glue pistol. (Take care not glueing the inside of the switch)

Once glued, make 3 small hole for the straw and put them in.

At this time you can tin and solder connections of the switch and battery holder. For the switch, you can choose to use left and middle pin or middle and right pin, it's the same. On the battery holder, take care of the polarity.

Step 4: Glue the Lilys !

Now, cut a little piece at the end to let the straw goes in.

You can glue it with the glue pistol again. (I put the flower on the bottom of the straw, i put some glue and i put back flower on top)

Step 5: The Finish

Last step, decorate your mustard jar with some gift paper or everything else you like.

You can now turn the switch on and shut down the room's light to see your diy Lilys Flower illuminated ! :)

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    So pretty! And love how feminine they are while at the same time truly a tech project! Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much :)