Illuminated Paper Wedding Bouquet (Harry Potter)

Introduction: Illuminated Paper Wedding Bouquet (Harry Potter)

There are several tutorials on how to make these flowers. So I won't waste time with that.... To add lights to this arrangement, glue  each flower together  EXCEPT the final seam that makes it a complete flower.  Hot glue in a bamboo skewer in each flower.  Leave the skewer the full length initially because until you commit each flower to your bouquet base you really have no way of estimating how long a stick you will need.  Now comes the lights.  Choose the color of lights you want from the vast assortment of battery operated LED lights.  I laid out the strand of lights and evenly arranged the flowers in the order I would be gluing the lights in .  (3 book page flowers to one black one)   I took the first LED light next to the battery and placed the sections of cord on either side of the light together and hot glued the whole section with the light facing up in the middle of a flower section.  I glued this light cord right on top of the bamboo skewer and  I made sure the light wasn't quite visible above the top of the flower.  This left space for crystal beads to be glued on which made the lights look even more impressive. ( You may finish gluing the flower together at this time.)  Once you have all of the lit flowers hot glued to the base,( my skewers ended up being 2" long) hot glue the battery pack to the underside of the bouquet base.  Pick an angle that allows you to change the batteries at a later date.. Be careful as you commit your flowers to the bouquet base.  Take into consideration the placement of the black flowers (you will be using less of them) and the lit flowers.  The arrangement has only one standard battery operated LED strand on it.  This will leave you with lots of spaces that need to be filled.  I used a combination of smaller flowers and skewers with tufts of organza ribbon that matched the wedding color scheme.   

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I made this for a friend's 'Harry Potter' themed wedding. The light colored flowers are all made from Harry Potter Book Pages. Sorry I didn't mention that in all my babble above.