In this proyect, we will transform an "espantacuco" into an "illuminator", a mi LED's lamp.

Step 1: Taken Pieces

Before we start our illuminator, we have to take out the old pieces of the object.

Step 2: Making Holes

After we take all the old pieces, we have the space for the circuit, but we need the holes where we will put our 3G LEDs.

Step 3: Circuit Assembly

After the holes have been maken, we can star the circuit assembly.  We are going to use a 3 volts watch's battery. 

Step 4: Connecting LEDs

When we have the battery conected to the switch, we can start connecting the LEDs to the circuit, one by one.
At the image, the first LED connected.

Step 5: End of Connection

When we finish the circuit's assembly, we will have the 3 LEDs ready to be put in the holes. 

Step 6: Last Details

To finish it, we have to put the LEDs in the holes and close the illuminator. If we close it, nobody could see the cables or the battery, it only could be seen the LED's head and the switch.

Step 7: LED's Power.

A last image of the "illuminator".



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