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hello everyone, welcome to my Instructable! i am here with illusion lamp which is made up with paper. which creates illusions with colours and it's unique patterns. it lights up whole room with shadows and colours. i got inspired from old Indian architecture with mirrors, which creates reflections. isn't it feel magical if you have colourful shadows all over the walls an floor of your room? and let me share a secret that it's a great stress relief as well, and the reason is the illusion which it creates and by stress relief i meant about the colours because from the ages colours are one of the reasons of our happiness and shadows adds more magic to it. magic of illusions. you can use them for parties and when you are working and you don't need too much colours you can put it on your desk where enough light enters and you will get small but beautiful shadows, which will also not disturbing while you are working. as i love working with paper and especially cutting complex things, so i has made this cuttings with cutter but i am also attaching an cad file for those who are not very good at cutting. i had made this in a cube but you can try it with other shapes as well. i had given more 2-3 shapes and more designs in cad file. so try what you like and every time you will come up with different thing. you can play with shapes and designs as much as you can. if you have curiosity and patience i can assure you that you will come with a master piece which is worth using your time. as it's of paper its delicate but not so flimsy.however, there is always a room for corrections so do give your reviews. if you like it don't forget to give your valuable vote. as it's my first entry to instructable, so i need some appreciations and reviews so i can come again with more better and better ideas. so let's go!!!!!


1 to 2 mm thick paper



transparent colourful papers (acetate papers)

gum tape

bulb holder




Step 1: Lets Make a Cube

take a paper thickness of 1 to 2 mm.

do the surface development of cube and cut it out.

cube size: 15cm.15 cm

Step 2: Cutting Paper

till now you have a piece of surface development of cube in which you have to make designs of your choice except a square which will be on the top of cube.

on the five sides you have to cut the designs which you have made. ( if u are not good at cutting then go for lesser cutting).

Step 3: Using Colourful Papers

now on the back side of your cut piece stick the transparent colourful papers with the help of glue tape.

use colours which you like. i am using yellow and three primary colours.

do this with all the 5 sides of cube.

flip it and you will see the carvings on front and colour papers on back.

Step 4: Sticking Cube

stick all 5 sides of cube with glue.

you will see the colour papers inside of cube and it will create shadows and colours when you will pass the light.

Step 5: Bulb Fitting

now on the 6th side of the cube(top side) you have to make a circle and cut it.

size of the circle will be according to your bulb holder, so it can fit into the circle and then put the bulb in the holder. you can use other battery operated lights too if you are not comfortable with holder and bulb.

light should be enough powerful that it can create shadows properly.

Step 6: Final Step

with the help of string hang it in your room or any place you want.

and let the light lit up and here your magic is.

you will see the colours and shadows all over the room.

if you don't want to use it with electricity then you can put it on your desk where enough light source enters your room. and you will get small but mesmerising shadows on your desk.

best part of this is you will get different shadow on different time of day if you use day light.

Step 7: NOTE

if you have any problem with so many colours than you can use it without colours also. the only difference will be that it will be not colourful.

i has used mil board paper. and i don't know it's exact name. but it's of paper .

Step 8:

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    I love all the fun patterns you cut out!


    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you so much for your appreciation.


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    thank you so much