I'm on a (Cardboard) Boat!

Introduction: I'm on a (Cardboard) Boat!

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It's a double-masted cardboard schooner made almost entirely out of an ice cream sandwich box and generally waterproof industrial orange knockoff duct tape, ready to set sail on the high seas or at least a small pond.

My design process, in case anyone has any inclination to create a competing entry into my upcoming miniature cardboard boat race down the Charles River:

0. Realize around midnight last night that the deadline for the cardboard instructable contest is really really soon.
1. Ideate.
2. Remember how awesome boats are; sketch layout plan in Microsoft Paint.
3. Rummage through recycling bin, retrieve scissors and duct tape from summer student storage, borrow tape measure in absence of having a ruler.
4. Measure, cut, assemble.
5. Pimp my ride, nautical edition (I like orange, and also waterproof is a good quality for a boat's hull).
6. Add some masts (also former members of the ice cream sandwich box club), acquire tissue paper for sails.
7. Briefly search for body of water in which to test seaworthiness of vessel, recall imminent fall of darkness over here in the Eastern time zone, settle for rather small puddle and other locations tangentially relating to water (a pool table is kind of like a pool, right?).
8. [Optional] Employ as model for gingerbread (house)boat come gingerbread season.  I did this once with surprising success, it turns out cardboard+duct tape == gingerbread+icing with a deliciously high degree of accuracy.
9. [also optional] Race.  Ideally with a somewhat larger body of water than the kitchen sink.

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