Imac (apple) Table-lamp




This one was made from a broken imac (Type: usb 2.0).
It was given by a frend who asked me if I could fix his imac. Well.. I couldn't fix the imac, but a second life was the next best thing I could do....

The standard is the bottom of the imac, the neck of the imac was usted to give it some height.
The lamp cover was the housing from the computer itself to give it a nice look.

Front of the cd-entrance was glued into place, and you can only use the table-lamp with energy saving light bulbs. (because normal lightbulbs generate a lot of heat.)

Ahh...The good memory's from apple will still live on....

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I mounted the top with a strip of aluminum, drilling holes in it and bending it until the shape was correct. And I re-used the srew hols in the arm to mount the hole piece together.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah... well.. sometimes I write it likes this: IMac But it has to written like this: iMac My idea....