Image Transfer Dog Tag Key Rings

Introduction: Image Transfer Dog Tag Key Rings

We have epoxy dome dog tags at work and one of the ideas I had for them is using image transfer. The technique for "HOME" and "Risky Business, Bright Future" above is the same. I use the "HOME" keychain to demo the technique and then will show the steps for "Risky" at the end. It is essentially the same thing repeated to make layers.

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Step 1: Materials

Part of the appeal of this project is that many of the materials needed are found around the house. The epoxy dome dog tags are a purchase from You can try this technique with anything that has a sticky side. I have done another project using packing tape from the dollar store. (Instuctable to come).

  • Epoxy Dome Dog Tags
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Newspaper
  • Tray for the alcohol
  • Sharpie if you want to draw on it
  • Scrapbook paper for backing

Step 2: Prepare Art and Expose Sticky Surface

  • Find the art you want. I cut the word "HOME" from the newspaper. You can see how it will fit by holding it behind the dog tag.
  • Pour a little alcohol into a tray that is big enough to accommodate your art. (Alcohol works as a solvent for the ink used by the San Francisco Chronicle. You should probably test on the newspaper that you are thinking of using.)
  • Peel the backing off the epoxy dog tag to expose the sticky surface and place it sticky side up on your work surface.

NOTE: The art only transfers once. If you mess up, you have to find new art.

Step 3: Transfer the Art

  • Dip the art in alcohol in tray. The paper should be saturated.
  • Place the ink/art side of the saturated paper onto the exposed sticky side of the dog tag. (If it is words, you will be able to read them through the front side of the dog tag.)
  • IMPORTANT: Firmly press (don't rub!) on the back of the art. I use my finger or thumb and press down hard. The paper becomes almost dry where I am pressing. I don't rub because I think there is a high probability of smearing the art or tearing the wet paper. Carefully peel the paper off. The image should stay on the sticky side of the dog tag.

Step 4: Finish - Embellish, Back, Trim

  • At this point, you can add to the art by drawing on the sticky side of the dog tag. I have used Sharpie brand and other permanent markers. NOTE: Don't use water based markers. I tried it with "Mr. Sketch." The ink didn't dry and it was a mess.
  • Stick the dog tag to scrapbook paper.

  • Trim around the dog tag

I didn't really like how the marker looked at this point so I used a gold metallic marker on the front to tone down the black. You can see it on the cover picture.

I poked a hole in the paper and added a key ring to mine.

Step 5: Playing Around - Layering

To get the multi layer effect on the green dog tag, I repeated the image transfer steps for each element.

When I got the main words done, I tested how it would look on the paper I used to back "HOME." I didn't like it, so I added some small text at an angle behind the rest and then put it against the green paper. That's the look I wanted!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done, this looks like a great technique. Thanks!